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Ark Server Hosting

We fully support all Official\DLC and Custom Maps.


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Our ARK Server Hosting Features

Providing Quality Ark Servers in the United States Of America.


We back your server up every 15 minutes. Your backed up files are sent to our offsite backup system and should you ever want to restore them we have a simple tool. Choose the backup and click restore button, choose just the world or all files. 


We have your standard text editor, but for novice users, we have a carefully designed "easy configurator" which makes changing your server settings as easy as possible. Drop down menus and text input areas, click save and you are done. 


With our mod workshop tool you can easily download thousands of ARK mods straight to your server, gone are the days where you must upload large files via FTP. Simply put the mod id in and click download.


We have fully trained staff working around the clock so should you need us for anything we are always waiting for you. Tickets are answered on average in 20 minutes and resolved fast. 


Install Beyond Api via 1 click Install button inside our Mod Manager. Request in support ticket from our client area for DLL access to upload your plugins via the File Manager.


We support all maps, even custom built maps. You simply use the drop-down menu to select which map you would like and click save. Our system does the rest. 


We have the latest 2018 DDOS protection in place to make sure that no disgruntled players can aim an attack at your server and cause damage to your player base.


No expense has been spared on the development of our control panel which is an industry leader. With full FTP, built in file manager, built in MySQL manager, easy to use configurators, PID, stop, start, scheduled tasks, a glossy modern look and much more. 


We have 15 data centers throughout the world. Including Dallas, New York, Oregon, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Montreal, Sydney, Paris, London, Frankfurt and many more. We have got the globe covered.

Dynamic Web Interface

Our control panel makes it amazingly easy to change your Ark server settings.

ark server hosting web interface
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Outstanding Service


Absolutely outstanding service for any survival servers you need, their customer service is fast and effective. Prices are extremely competitive.

I have used them for the best part of a year, across a total of three games and they have always done their absolute best to fix any issues that have occurred in a very short period of time.

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Excellent support


Excellent support. Great ark servers and excellent support, im glad i bought a server from these, bought a server and a few minutes later i get control panel email, very easy to configure and use. Thanks to marcus

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I've had my Ark server for 3 months and I love it, I'm setting up a crossark this Friday, so I am super excited. I wouldn't dream of hosting with anyone else. I've had NO issues with lag at all, and we have a MASSIVE 20x20x20 underwater tek base. They offer great gameplay for the price. It IS the cheapest when you compare to $/slot. Their customer service is always kind and friendly. Tickets are answered within a few hours and they are willing to help and explain things for you. With the shut down of all my official servers, I can absolutely say that I am so glad my tribe moved to a CAS server. We will now have a cross ark to meet all our needs!

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Ivan, Dallas, Texas.


They always solve my server problems very fast! Good service, good servers.
I'm very happy with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

We set up servers instantly, as soon as you order you can log in via our 'My Services' tab in the client area. As soon as you place an order, our automated system will create your server, and we will send you an email with the login details, so you have a record. 

Yes, here at Craft And Survive our Ark servers fully support the cross travel feature and you can select it while ordering. This means you can host two Ark servers linked together and move between the two servers with all of your gear and progress.  Most cross travel servers use a different map and you can link multiple servers together.  

We also support all known maps and even procedural map generation. 

If you want to cancel its a very simple process. You can cancel anytime and from the moment you tell us you do not want the server anymore you will not be charged another penny. We have a no quibble cancellation policy.  

We stand by the quality of our Ark hosting and the only reason you would want to cancel is that you were no longer playing Ark.

We support an amazing amount of maps. They include all of the following.


The Island
The Center 
Scorched Earth 
Procedural map generation
The Oldest World
Thieves Island
The Moon Map
Terra Nova Initia
Shigo Islands, Madagascar
Mortem Tupia, 
Skies of Nazca
The Old Island
Outer Realms
Epic Islands, Crystal Isles
Omerta, Bastion
Madagascar Evolved
The Desert Island
The Volcano 
and many more ++

Yes. Your server will be online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Always online. This is the main reason that clans and communities want to host an Ark server with a hosting provider. It means they can go about their daily lives and the server continues to run. Power and network are all provided inclusive in the monthly fee, there are no hidden extras.

Our support team is available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week, even on public holidays.  All you need to do is log into the client area and click support tickets. You can also email us; all of the information is on our contact us page.

Ready for first class Ark Server Hosting?

Order now, we will refund if you are not 100% satisfied.

ark logoArk Survival Evolved History

With a choice of male or female you start your journey, in the freezing temperatures on a treacherous mystery island known as ARK, the only way of survival is the following, scavenging resources, crafting weapons and tools, growing crops and finding the knowledge to research better equipment and to build a basic shack or a powerful home to withstand the elements of ARK. Gain experience in order to tame dinosaurs of ARK in order to maintain survival to help you survive against other primaeval creatures that roam the island, either work solo and trust no one, or team up with other helpless survivors in order to survive the wild and elements of ARK


On ARK there are over 100 creatures and dinosaurs that can be captured and tamed, this giving you the higher chance of survival with the help of your new primaeval friend. To do this you must render your selected dino unconscious, and then nurse the dinosaur back to health with the required food and berries to tame them. Survival is key on ARK, this means you must harvest food and drink in order to survive, you can find all kinds of berries, fluids and meat in order to do this.



Picking seeds from vegetation is a key in survival, by planting them in plots that you've created and laid down yourself, feeding the crops with water and using fertilization from the poop of the creatures of ARK, to grow your own crops and vegetation to keep nutritious and energies high. Be sure to tend to your crops, nurture them and watch them grow, crops can then be used for certain cooking methods and medicines to help along your journey! Be sure to hunt for the rarest plants in order to grow some of the most powerful resources! Take on the world of ARK in a violent barbaric manner or push through as a farmer with a more peace offering outlook on life!


Servers tend to exceed the 100+ mark; thus giving players, your created characters, your pet and tame, and everything you have built on ARK stay active in-game even when you go offline. You can travel any character to and from different galaxies and worlds of ARK by logging on and using the steam economy.  All ARKS are slightly different than each other; to conquer and to paste your presence and mark on, one at a time! You can now also create your own worlds and servers', for endless and infinite surprises.


You now have a choice between bringing your characters to local games, and to dedicated official servers; along with your characters, your items too, and lastly back and forth from multiplayer mode to single player mode. Enjoy the features of modding your game with the help of steams workshop and the customized Unreal Engine 4 editor.


All items your craft have limited durability and will wear out upon use if not repaired. When you leave the game and go offline, your character will remain sleeping in the current world. Your inventory will remain on your character or in any boxes you have stored them in previously to logging off. Nothing is safe, anyone can loot or steal your goods, so to prevent this and achieve security team-up, built up and improve security with decent tames to guard your loot. You can knock out unconscious, capture, take a hostage and force feed other players to use them to your needs, from harvesting their faeces to use as fertilizer for crops, for blood transfusions, or feed them to your predatory tames!  New hosting available, PixArk Server Hosting, Customers that liked Ark also like Battalion 1944 Hosting.

Instant Setup

Once you purchase a server with us, your game server will begin setting up instantly after
payment confirmation. Hassle free server setup.

24 Hour Refund Policy

If you have ordered the wrong server or addons
and would like a refund, no problem simply
request this via support ticket within 24 hours.

24/7 Friendly Expert Support

The main feature we are known for is not only our lowest prices but also our amazing support team. Support replies come in as soon as 5 minutes or less.

Multiple World-Wide Locations

No matter were you or your online gamer friends live you will find a location that fits your needs.
Our everage pings are just 15ms across the board.

Real-Time Server Backups

Our server backups are stored on a dedicated NAS
located at the top of the server rack in the D.C.
They are connected via 10GBps cable for high speed.

TCAdmin Version 2 Control Panel

Over 1000 Hours has gone into development of our control panel. We offer our customers with the most easy to use drop down / click & select CP menus.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

All of our machines are Dell R710 2U Rack Servers.
They comprise of 2x intel Xeon 6 Core Processors
running at 4Ghz, 256GB Memory & 850 Pro SSDs.

Cheapest Prices Online Guaranteed

When we say the cheapest, we mean it. Our prices
will never be beaten. No other provider can offer
the same High Quality, Low Prices as we do.

Enterprise DDOS Protection

We don't just "Minimize" like all other providers, we stop attacks in their tracks at the datacenter level. Your server will remain online 24/7 365 guaranteed.

CraftAndSurvive TrustPilot Reviews

Love These Guys!

I've used a few different hosting companies for my Ark Servers, but have found my new home. The tech support has been super fast, super helpful and super courteous. Some of the other servers I had would be down for days and tell me there was a DDOS and there was nothing they can do about it. CraftAndSurvive has been very fast to help me with each issue I've had. In my opinion, they have even gone above and beyond on my last issue. These guys are great and I would recommend them anytime.

- Jimmy B | ARK Survival Evolved


Honestly the best Ark server i have ever had let alone the professionalism from the workers is through the roof
Any time i need help its an instant response and always helpful I really dont know how i "survived" on other server XD is my all time favorite company to go through and i will never change

- Dennis Albert | ARK Survival Evolved

Simply Amazing Company!

I was a complete noob trying to get my server up and running i must have spent most of my time asking support dumb questions , But craft and survives support was helpful took their time and helped me with everything possible and sometimes impossible Low ping no lag i am amazed how good it is And try to find cheaper prices to low price awesome support support usually answers you instantly i can go on and on but you know what try them yourself when you need a server you wont be dissapointed

- Jörgen | ARK Survival Evolved