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Quick Guide To Enabling Admins For Your Enjoyment :)

1. Connect to your server as you would normally.
2. Once connected, press TAB key on your keyboard.
3. Type: EnableCheats Password (Replace password with admin password).
4. Press Enter key. The console will then disapear, this is normal.
5. Press TAB key again to bring up console again.
6. Type: SetCheatPlayer True -> This will bring up a very strange menu / information panel.
7. You can now see server stats.
8. Now you can do what ever you like, for example give yourself an item:
9. To Give Item To Yourself Type: AdminCheat GiveItemNum 133 1 1 0.

To find a full list of items and their ID numbers, you can go here:

We hope you enjoyed our Quick Guide & hope it helped.

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