How to setup automatic mods updates for ARK Print

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We have a brand new mod updater which can be configured to automatically update all of your mods, once setup it is seamless and you can forget about ever updating mods again.

This guide will help you on how to set up automatic mods updates using our new automatic mod workshop updater. This tool will do the following.
- Check if the server mods are up to date or not. 
- If it finds that updates available.
- Will send a message to users that the server will go down for an update. 
- The server saves and stops itself, then updates the mods that need updating and starts itself again.

1. First, go to the Schedule Tasks tab in your Control Panel
2. Create a new Scheduled Task and select the Update Workshop Mods option
3. Give it a name of your choice, 12 Hour Mod Update for example
4. Select the date and hour you want the next restart to happen(*)
5. Select Recur Every 1 Days
6. Select the Repeat task option
7. Select Repeat Every 12 hours or the hour of your choosing. We recommend a minimum of 3 hours.
8. Select For 24 Hours
9. Switch to the Script Parameters tab on top and select the warning time (default 5 minutes restart warning) (**)
10. Save the task

 You can view the current server hour inside Server Details button on your control panel, Sever Local Time option.

(**) In this example, the server will check for mod updates every 12 hours, and if any of your mods require an update, it will send a restart warning message to your players X minutes before the restart (X time it's defined by you on Script Parameters tab. 

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