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This guide will help you on how to setup automatic Steam updates.

  1. Go to Schedule Tasks tab in your Control Panel
  2. Create a new Schedule Task and select the Steam Update option
  3. Give it a name of your choice, 12 Hour Update for example
  4. Select the date/hour you want to next update will happen(*)
  5. Select Recur Every 1 Days
  6. Select Repeat task option
  7. Select Repeat Every 12 hours 
  8. Select For 24 Hours
  9. Save the task(**)

 You can view the current server hour when you create the task, the hour reporting in the hour field should be the current server hour + 10 minutes margin, base yourself on that hour against your local hour to set up the next hour you want your server to be updated.

 Steam update task will stop your server to perform the update and then start it back automatically.

In this example it will update your server every 12 hours, if you want any other number of hours, just change the Repeat Every 12 hours to any number of hours of your choice.

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