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This guide will help you on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  • I just rented a new server, what can i do ?

The first thing you need to do is login to your control panel using the login details sent to your email, once inside your control panel you can setup your server details and settings. Have a look at this guide on how you can do it. Once you have all settings the way you want them you can start your server and connect to it following this guide. You can do a lot more from your server, add new mods, other maps, automatic messages, restarts, etc, etc, click on the Help Guides button in your control panel so you can have access to all guides that will tell you how most functions of your server works and how can you use them. If you still have any questions or issues, click the Customer Support button on your control panel to submit us a support ticket.

  • I press start and my server shows 0 cpu / memory, what can i do ?

Our system has an offsite cloning mechanism that runs every time you start your server, this mechanism does a clone of your server to our offsite storage and can take 30 to 60 seconds to fully clone your server, this is done for your own safety, in case of problems in your server we always have a clone of your server and you will not lose anything.

  • I press start, i see memory and cpu running and my server doesn't show online, what can i do ?

Some servers take some time to fully boot, especially if you have big world database or you run mods or other maps, some servers can take around 3 to 10 minutes to fully boot, waitsometimee before assuming the worst.

  • I press start and even after some minutes my server doesn't show online, what can i do ?

Do you have your server updated? Do you have Mods running ? Are the Mods updated to the latest versions ? Did you made any recent changes that could caused your server to stop ? If yes revert them back, also stop your server and run a Steam update, update your mods and try again, if your server still doesn't start submit us a support ticket.

  • My server is lagging and with micro stutters, what can i do ?

How often do you restart your server ? It's recommended that you restart your server with some regularity, at last 2 times per day to keep it clean and fresh. You can setup automatic restart following this guide

If you have any questions or you need our help don't hesitate to contact our support system.

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