Workshop Mod Manager v1.0 Released

  • Friday, 11th November, 2016
  • 09:16am
We are pleased to announce that our brand new ARK: Survival Evolved - Workshop Mod Manager v1.0 has been released. This is a Brand New CraftAndSurvive exclusive feature we have been working on for the past several weeks.
It is more flexible and more importantly quicker than the "Update All Mods" feature which we released back in April 2016.

With this feature you can do the following:

1. Install New Mods (Simply Enter The Steam Workshop ID) & Click "Execute".
2. Update Existing Mods (Select From The Dropdown Menu The Steam Workshop ID) 
 & Click "Execute".

Don't forget that after you install a new mod you then need to enter the Steam Workshop ID into your "GameUserSettings.ini" file, preferably using the [ Configuration Editor ] to ensure no typos or mistakes are made via using the text editor which is for advanced use only.

Please Note: This is version 1.0 and is the first release. We do plan to add additional functionality to this feature in the near future including an All In One management system (Add, Update & Delete Mods) in addition to a "1 Click Update" feature which will update all mods but 50% faster compared to the current "Mod Updater" system you have been using which we plan to remove in the near future due to it being replaced.

If you have any questions or experience any bugs please let us know via support ticket and we will do our very best to assistant you. We do hope you enjoy this new feature and please provide us feedback or ideas to improve the feature if you think of anything, just open a support ticket and let us know your thoughts.
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